Ashleigh Stebbeings Sets New Pending World Barefoot Slalom Record

Australian Golden Girl Ashleigh Stebbeings set a new pending world record in the Open Women’s Slalom today with an official score of 17.4 in Day Two of the 2023 IWWF Open, Under 23 and Junior World Barefoot Waterski Championships at Max Kirwan Waterski Park, Mulwala, NSW, Australia.

The tournament’s preliminary rounds resumed with the slalom event for the young women of the new Under 23 Division. Eight women advanced to the semi-finals including Faith Dix (USA) with a 13.7 followed by Elaina McClung (Australia) with a 12.3 and Macey Hicks (Australia) with 10.7. Also advancing to the semi-finals in Under 23 Women’s Slalom: Zali Peebles (Australia) 9.4, Abbey Hicks (Australia) 7.8, Celine Vrancx (Belgium) 7.3, Meg Kelly (New Zealand) 7.2 and Kimberly Smit (Netherlands) 6.4.

The Under 23 Women did double duty as the Slalom semi-finals were held also later in the day. The top five women are advancing to Saturday’s Final include: Faith Dix (USA) with a 14.2, followed by Elaina McClung (Australia) with a 12.3, Macey Hicks (Australia) with 10.7, Zali Peebles (Australia) 9.4, Abbey Hicks (Australia) 8.3.

The Open Women also kicked off their slalom event Thursday. Nine women are advancing to Friday’s semi-finals including Ashleigh Stebbeings Groen (Australia) with a pending world record of 17.4, Georgia Groen Mathis (New Zealand) 16 and Faith Dix (USA) 13.8. Also heading to the semi- finals: Kelly Blank (Australia) 12.6, Donna Gibson (Australia) 12, Elaina McClung (Australia) 11.9, Svenya Hempelmann (Germany) 11.2, Sarah Linton (New Zealand) 10.10, and Amara Bruns (USA) 8.9.

In the Under 23 Mens Jump preliminary round, Australia’s Tee-Jay Russo is leading the charge into Friday’s semi-finals with a 24.1m jump followed by Connor Rogers (Australia) with 23.9 meters, and Brody Meskers (USA) with 22.1 meters. Also advancing to the semi-final round is Lachlan Tressider (Australia) 21.5 meters, Ben Sorraghan (Australia) 21.4 meters, Will Leigh (New Zealand) 20.2 meters, Cody Bryce (Australia) 19.6 meters and Michael Yoder (USA) 10.5 meters.

The loaded Junior Boys tricks event went through their first round with some challenging runs for the judges. American Brett Swanbom stamped his ticket into the semi-finals on Saturday with 9200 points, followed by Fletcher Ball (Australia) with 5260 points, and Orval Cyr (USA) with 4200 points. A total of 11 boys will be heading to the semi-finals including Carter Boerman (USA) 3700, Noah Kinnaman (USA) 3550, Tom Roberts (Australia) 2730, Gerry Hanckel (Australia) 2000, Martin Cyr (USA) 1700, Cameron Patton (USA) 1580, Lachlan Shearer (Australia) 1500, and Zeke Peebles (Australia) 1480.

The first round of the Open Women’s Jump event was tight at the top with Georgia Groen Mathis (New Zealand) boosting a 20.9mjump, followed closely by Ashleigh Stebbeings Groen (Australia) with an 18.4m jump. The other women advancing to Friday’s semi-finals: Kelly Blank (Australia) 11.4m, Amara Bruns (USA) 10 meters, Faith Dix (USA) 9.7m, Kimberly Smit (Netherlands) 9.2m, Sarah Linton (New Zealand) 9.0 meters and Elaina McClung (Australia) 8.2m.

The Open Men’s preliminary slalom event. Sitting in first for the next round is Keenan Derry (Australia) with a 20, followed by teammate Brett Sands with 18.8 and Keenan’s Father, Ken Derry (Australia), with an 18.8, Fletcher Ball (Australia) 18.3, Brice Storman (USA) 18, and Ben Groen (New Zealand) with 17.6. Also advancing to the semi-finals in Open Men’s slalom: Luke Van Den Heuvel (Australia) 17.2, Pete O’Neill (Australia) 17.2, Connor Rogers 17.1, Brett Swanbom (USA) 16.6, Brendan Paige (Australia) 16.4, and Brody Meskers (USA) 16.3.

The Junior Boys also set the order for Sunday’s Jump Finals. Sitting in first after the semi-finals is American Brett Swanbom with a personal best 22.6 meter jump. Rounding out the top five is Carter Boerman (USA) with 20.2m, Fletcher Ball (Australia) with 19.2m, Orval Cyr (USA) 18.9m and Tom Roberts (Australia) 18.3m.

Finals are set in the Open Women’s Tricks division after a chippy semi-final. Australia’s Ashleigh Stebbeings Groen is leading with 9120 points followed by Georgia Groen Mathis (New Zealand) with 7150 points. Rounding out the top five are Elaina McClung (Australia) with 2950 points, Kelly Blank (Australia) 2550 and Faith Dix (USA) 2500.

The Open Men are also set up for their final for Tricks on Sunday. Ben Groen (New Zealand) 11,800 points, Keenan Derry (Australia) is close behind with 10,830 points, and rounding out the top five are Brendan Paige (Australia) 10,810 points, Noah Kinnaman (USA) 8250 points, and Brett Swanbom (USA) 7450.

Finals are set for Saturday in the Under 23 Men’s Slalom event. Brice Storman (USA) rocked the semi-finals with an 18 to “storm” into the top spot. Also headed to finals: Connor Rogers (Australia) with a 17.5, Brody Meskers (USA) with a 17.2, Tee-Jay Russo (Australia) 16.4, and Cody Bryce (Australia) 15.1.

The Junior Girls set the stage for their Saturday Final in Slalom. Leading the pack is Macy Peebles (Australia) with an 9.6, followed by Amara Bruns (USA) with an 8.6, Elle Keen (Australia) 7.3, Lindsie Jack (Australia) 6.5 and Zohie Duncan with 5.35.

The Junior Boys Slalom final round is also all sorted for Saturday with Australia’s Fletcher Ball in front with a 19.2 (equaled the current world record), followed by four young Americans including Brett Swanbom with a 17.9, Noah Kinnaman with a 16, and Carter Boerman with a 15.4, and Orval Cyr 14.2.

The event is being live streamed daily and you can find the live stream here.