With bruised ribs to World Cup bronze
“It is a physically demanding sport, blows are part of it.”

Kimberly Smit from Amerongen has won the bronze medal in Australia at the Barefoot World Championship, popularly known as the World Championships in barefoot water skiing. The 23-year-old Smit finished third in the U23 Ladies Jump category and also third in the Open Ladies Jump. In the Tricks discipline, Kimberly Smit finished fourth in the U 23 category. “Ultimately good for fifth place in the overall ranking because I finished sixth in the slalom, my least favorite event,” she explains.


Smith has only just returned from Australia when she tells her story.  “It was a great experience, from which I got everything out of it.  This is truly an experience fro life and I am extremely happy with the Dutch record that I set with Tricks.”


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